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Ever since people’s perception of earning money is always linked to finding a stable eight hours desk job. It is always restricted to certain traditional ways of producing money. Even when looking for a side job, the first option is to always find a decent side hustle that can coincide with their current employment.  But after the internet has taken over almost everything in our lives, every day more and more people are switching online, looking for online jobs to further supplement their current income. To date, there are several ways to earn online. One of the most convenient and fastest ways is by trading cryptocurrencies. The widespread of bitcoins after it was introduced last 2009 has brought significant changes in the financial market. This caught the attention of investors and software developers who later introduced the use of automated trading platforms. Thus far, several people with or without a background in trading are now investing their hard-earned money in the cryptocurrency market. 

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You might find several trading platforms when you look it up on the internet. Most of it is offering the same thing, automated trading where you can gain larger profits without taking too much of your time. But there is one platform which traders believe is ahead of the competition; one of the most controversial and most talked platform today is the Bitcoin Wealth application. If you asked people on how and why did they engage with crypto trading, their answer is always the same – Bitcoin Wealth.  But why is Bitcoin Wealth more known than other trading software? Is it worth all the hype? Check out this Bitcoin Wealth review now!

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Bitcoin Wealth is an automated trading platform built on a series of complex and excellent algorithms. It also uses auto trading bots that depend on advanced blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). This sophisticated program scans a wide range of markets, project and analyze certain market movements and trends and execute trades which will bring the most optimum earnings. 

One good thing about Bitcoin Wealth is that you are not limited to trading bitcoins only. You may also trade different types of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Neo, Dash, and Monero. The trading bots will perform all trades, buying and selling cryptocurrency on your behalf. This revolutionary trading platform is programmed to efficiently utilize resources to maximize budding profits and minimize or completely diminish the risk of wasting your money. Thus, guaranteeing larger earnings and lesser to none losses.


Max Carney, the founder of Bitcoin Wealth is a crypto investor and a millionaire. Carney has been trading cryptocurrency for the longest time and gaining big profits before founding the Bitcoin Wealth application. He stated that the software is based on his trading strategies and risk management thus, assuring its users’ guaranteed profits. 

He did not stop there, he also founded the Crypto Wealth trading software. Another platform with guaranteed high earnings. His expertise in trading helped him a lot in creating the software. And now, he is helping people earn the same way that he did. People will only need to trust him and the software will return the favor.


The hype with Bitcoin Wealth is that people are seeing notable features on the app compare to other trading platforms. These features are what keeps people coming in the first place. Below are some of the few advantages of the app.

  • Credible Trading Platform – The integration of high-end algorithms with artificial intelligence is a big leap from the normal trading software. The inclusion of revolutionary technology and the guaranteed earnings is enough reason not to doubt the credibility of the Bitcoin Wealth app. Several testimonials have confirmed that the profits from the software are legit, further proving both the authenticity and legibility of the application.
  • Accuracy – The trading bots repetitively scans the market for any changes in the movement and current events, thus giving high data and projection accuracy, generating a 99% success rate. Which only means that in every 100 trades placed by the software, only one trade will lose. This is a very impressive feat as not many can do this.
  • User-friendly Interface – Whether you are a beginner and have no prior experience in trading cryptocurrencies or an expert trader, you won’t have problems navigating the site. The interface is simple and user-friendly that you won’t encounter problems with terminologies and may easily direct your account like a pro.
  • Free Software – One notable feature of Bitcoin Wealth is that it is offered to the public for free. There are no extra and hidden charges, even processing fee. Also, the software is free and is available as long as you have a stable internet connection. It is also supported by iOS and Google Play stores.
  • Customer Service – Not all trading software offers customer support. There are no ways to reach out to the technical team of the software. With Bitcoin Wealth, there are ways to direct your concern with the team through their customer service. You may course your queries directly through the software. The customer service is available 24/7 for the whole year. All you need to do is to send your concern through the app.


With the auto trading bots doing all the work for you, scanning several markets and current events, analyzing the data, and entering the market at the right moment to gain higher profits, Bitcoin Wealth can guarantee you larger earnings. Based on the traders who personally experience the application, they were able to generate $1,300 per day from their minimum investment of $250 on stable market conditions. Profits may still vary but rest assured that only 1 out of your 100 trades will be put to waste.

Although there are no definite figures on how much you can earn with trading on Bitcoin Wealth. It may be higher, it may be lower depending on the movement of the financial market. Also, one feature of the application is that you can use it either on Manual or Automatic Trading Mode. If you are having doubts about your investment and you don’t want to let the trading bot take over your trading journey, you may easily switch back to manual trading. You just have to click the Manual Trading button on the site and the automatic trading function will be put to stop. 

Your earnings when using the manual function of the software will greatly vary depending on what type of trader are you. If you are an aggressive investor and don’t care about risks, you can place higher capitals for your trade – higher capitals, larger profits. If you are a moderate trader, you can place the exact amount of capital – not big enough when you lose and not small enough when you win. If you are a conservative trader and are having doubts taking risks, you may place smaller capital. Again, you may use the manual trading function of the software, but your profits vary depending on how you manage risks. You may easily customize your trading signals on the application.

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To fully utilize the trading features of Bitcoin Wealth, you will need to create your account first. For that, you may visit their website and sign-up on the portion provided.

  1. Create your Account – When creating an account, Bitcoin Wealth will only require the essential information. It does not ask for any confidential information from the traders. You will only need to fill out your full name, e-mail address, password – preferably a combination of alphanumeric symbols for maximum security and your active mobile number. The mobile number will be used to activate your account. You may click the REGISTER NOW button afterward.
Bitcoin Wealth Registration Form
  1. Fund your Account – After creating your account, you may deposit the amount of $250 to your Bitcoin Wealth account. Kindly remember that this is not a payment for using/acquiring the software. This $250 will be your initial trading capital. You may invest higher amounts, but the minimum amount of $250 must always be met. You may deposit your money through Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, China Pay, and any form of electronic wire transfers. The transaction will only take less than 24 hours.
  2. Live Trading – After funding your account you may choose the mode of trading that you want to use. Traders prefer using the automated trading function because let’s be honest, we are too busy to monitor the movement of stock markets and cryptocurrencies. Once you activate the automatic trading function, you may start your cryptocurrency trading journey. For the first 36 days of your trading, you will receive the profits in full. Yes, you read that right, in FULL! After the 36th day, the software will only charge 1% of your earnings. But this will only start on the 37th day, enough time for you to fully enjoy your profits and 1% is a small amount compared to what Bitcoin Wealth can do for you.



It may be hard to accept how such a remarkable trading platform that offers more than $1,000 profit per day is available for free, but believe me, Bitcoin Wealth is indeed legit. Several testimonials were gathered from different social networking sites, personal blogs, and webpages aside from those on the site. And everyone who has personal experience with the software is saying the same thing. Bitcoin Wealth delivers and lives up to its promises. Most of them have shown proof of how the trading app helped them in changing their lives.

You may find several articles headlined as Bitcoin Wealth: Fraud, Bitcoin Wealth Scam, never believe those reviews. Several competitions of the software resorted to paying trolls to discredit Bitcoin Wealth. This strategy is to hinder people from engaging with the site. It is evident that the platform is ahead of its competition and once it reached the mainstream market, people may immediately shift to Bitcoin Wealth.


1. Is Bitcoin Wealth safe?

Yes, it is safe. If you are concerned with your information leaking, Bitcoin Wealth has SSL Encryption thus securing the data of both the trader and the software. For the safety of your investment, if you are having doubts with the platform you may switch to the manual trading function of the software so that you may personally monitor all your trades. Also, all account movements are recorded in the software and you may view it to personally check all trades placed by the trading bot.

2. Are there risks with trading Bitcoin Wealth?

Never forget that there are always risks when doing investments and/or trading. Even software as advanced as the platform has risks that’s why it only promises 99% accuracy, the remaining 1% is for the risk that in 1 out of 100 trades placed by the software, you may lose the trade. The only difference is that Bitcoin Wealth was able to minimize the risk to the bare minimum.

3. How much does Bitcoin Wealth cost?

Bitcoin Wealth is free. However, there might be charges but it won’t cost much. It will only start charging after your 36th day of using the app and will only charge 1% of your earnings. Traders have 36 days where they can receive the profit in full. What is 1% when the trading software will change your life?


Bitcoin Wealth is an automated trading software that uses cutting-edge technology. It scans several markets, analyzes and projects future market movements, and will only enter the market to place the trade when it is certain that the trade will earn the highest profit possible. Not only that it offers several notable features, but it is also accessible everywhere. You may access it anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection and portable devices – tablets, smartphones, personal computers, and laptops. The software also offers customer service and transparent data.

It is believed that by 2040, cryptocurrency will overhaul more than half of the financial market. By that time, there will be at least triple the trading platforms that are already at the market today. If you are still undecided on which to choose, remember that Bitcoin Wealth has proven countless times why it was worth the hype. So if you are planning to start your cryptocurrency trading journey, Bitcoin Wealth is your go-to trading software!

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Risk Disclaimer: Trading involves the risk of losing the invested capital. Invest only what you are willing to lose. between 67% and 85% of retail clients lose money by trading CFDs.

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